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Related post: Comprising the chemistry, the raw materials, the machinery and utensils, and various processes of manufacture, including a great variety of formulas. Philadelphia, 1888. Svo. 111. Contains list of Patents relating to soap and candles issued by the Govern- Purchase Brahmi ment of the United States of America, 1790-1S8S. Practical (A) Treatise on the Manufacture of Vinegar and Acetates, Cider and Fruit-Wines ; preparation of fruit-butters, jellies, mar- malades, catchups, pickles, mustards, etc. Edited from various sources. Philadelphia and London, 1890. pp. xxxii-i8 to 479, Svo. 111. Practical (A) Treatise on the Raw Materials and the Destination and Rectification of Alcohol, and the preparation of alcoholic liquors, liqueurs, cordials and bitters. Edited chiefly from the German of K. Stammer, F. Eisner and E. Schubert. Philadelphia, 1885. 8vo. Brannt, William T., and William H. Wahl. Techno-chemical Receipt Book (The). Philadelphia and London, 1886. Branthome, Yves Order Brahmi Marie. Precis des lecpons de chimie donnees a la faculte de Strasbourg . . . Paris, 1825. Brasche, O. Ueber Vervvendbarkeit der Spektroskopie zur Unterscheidung der Far- benreactionen der Where To Buy Brahmi Gifte im Interesse der forensischen Chemie. Dorpat, 1 89 1. 8vo. BraumCller, J. G. Ueber die Veredlung Brahmi Buy einiger vorziiglicher Landesproducte. 1799. Treats of the cultivation of the sugar-beet. Brendel, Zacharias. Chymia in artis formam redacta. Jenae, 1630. Bresch, R. Chemismus, Magnetismus und Diamagnetismus Brahmi Online im Lichte mehrdimen- sionaler Raumanschauung. Leipzig, 1882, 338 BIBLIOGRAPHY OF CHEMISTRY. Breslauer, M. Chemische Untersuchung der Luft fiir hygienische Zwecke. Berlin, 1885. 8vo. Die chemische Beschaffenheit der Luft in Brandenburg. BerHn, 1886. Bresson. Fer, Fonte, Aciers, See, in Section II, Freniy: Encyclopedic chimique, vol. V. Brevans, J. DE. La margarine, etc. Par Ch. Girard et J. de Brevans. See Girard, Ch. Brevans, J. de. Fabrication (La) des liqueurs et des conserves. Introduction par Ch. Girard. Paris, 188-. i6mo. 111. Bibliotheque des connaissances utiles. Brianchon, Charles Julien. Essai chimique sur les reactions foudroyantes. Paris, 1825. Briant, L. Laboratory Text-book for Brewers. London, 1885. Brieger, L. Untersuchungen uber Ptomaine ; [and] Weitere Untersuchungen. Ber- lin, 1885-86. 3 parts, 8vo. Briem, Hermann. Die Rubenbrennerei. Dargestellt nach den praktischen Erfahrungen der Neuzeit. Wien, Pest, Leipzig, 18 . Buy Brahmi 111. Briggs, William. Synopsis of Non-Metallic Chemistry. London, 1892. Briggs, William, and R. W. Stewart. Analysis of a Simple Salt, with a Selection of Model Analyses. London, 1891. i2mo. Brinkmann, J. P. Beytrage zu einer neuen Theorie der Gahrungen. Diisseldorf und Leipzig. X774. 8vo. Brisson, Mathurin Jacques. Elements ou principes physico-chymiques. Paris, 1800. 4 vols. The Physical Principles of Chemistry, to which is added a short Appendix by the translator. London, 1801. pp. ix-424-xxiv. 8vo. Plates. 4
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